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In GroundAbove Ground
Pool Size: Gallons:
Attached Spa - add $55
Negative Edge - add $135

Pool Surface


Type of Sanitizer

ChlorineSustainSaltFROG/Nature 2Baquacil

Type of Winter Cover

Safety - SolidSafety - MeshElectric (deduct $55)Solid with Water Bags or with Winch/Cable

Type of Filter


Please select which service you are interested in:

Schedule your opening before May 10, 2019 and SAVE BIG!!
Openings scheduled after May 10, 2019 will be charged full price.

Deluxe Pool Opening - $675 including chemicals (after May 10 - $750)
Standard Pool Opening - $530 including chemicals (after May 10 - $610)
Basic Pool Opening - $405 including chemicals (after May 10 - $480)
Design My Own Pool Opening - Call for details

Target Date: (Desired week of pool opening)

Since you are asking for our assistance to open your pool, we will only use chemicals that we provide or are purchased from PPP. We will not use chemicals purchased elsewhere.

YES, I want a FREE quote on a New Pool Liner
YES, I want a FREE quote on a New Winter Safety Cover
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3 INCH TABS: 50 lbs.25 lbs.16 lbs.
STICKS: 25 lbs.11 lbs.
SHOCK: 1 lb. BagsBucket (24 Bags)Liquid
ALGAECIDES: Poly 60Defend+
Stain & Scale Control
Additional Notes


SHIELD (1 qt per 10,000 gal): QuartHalf Gallon
3 INCH TABS: 25 lbs.16 lbs.6.6 lbs.
ENERGIZER: 35 lbs.20 lbs.10 lbs.
Additional Notes


Salt 40 lbs.
ALGAECIDES: Poly 60Defend+
Additional Notes


MINERAL RESERVOIR: In GroundAbove Ground
BAC PACS: Standard 2.2 lbs.XL Pro 7 lbs.
ALGAECIDE: FROG BAM (90 day)Poly 60
SHOCK: 1 lb. BagsBucket (24 Bags)Liquid
Additional Notes


MINERAL CARTRIDGE: 35 gallons45 gallons
3 INCH CL TABS: 50 lbs.25 lbs.16 lbs.
CL STICKS: 25 lbs.8 lbs.
CL SHOCK: Multi Magic (sugg.)Zap ItLiquid
ALGAECIDES: Poly 60Defend+
Additional Notes


BAQUACIL: SanitizerOxidizerCDX
A D SYSTEM: SanitizerOxidizerAlgaecide 10Algaecide 20
Additional Notes

Pool Maintenance Program:

Add $15.00 if outside Frederick or Washington County

$560 per month - 1 visit per week, includes chemicals
Vacation Pool Sitting - call for details
Date(s) of vacation:

Pool Services:

$90 per ½ hour plus supplies.

Safety Cover Cleaning
Sand Change
Filter Replacement
Clean Cartridge Filters
Filter Cartridge Replacement
Heater Cleaning
Pool Cleaner Maintenance
Pump Replacement
Install Salt/Chlorine Generator


A 50% deposit is required with reservation via credit card, check or cash. A valid credit card (MC/Visa/Discover/AmEx) and a signed authorization to charge your credit card for work and chemicals must be on file for all customers. Your credit card will be charged within 48 hours of completion of work unless you elect to pay by check or cash at one of our locations prior to your card being processed.

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* Required for all pool openings regardless of method of payment.

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Once form is submitted, we will call you to verify all information and to obtain credit card information for the deposit.