Without a cover a hot tub would never be warm.  Covers are essential to retaining water temperature and preventing debris from getting in.

Most Hot Tubs come with a basic cover when originally purchased, but these covers tend to not last for more than a few years.  As they age the skin on the covers begin to crack.  The covers also become extremely heavy from waterlog.

Whenever you are ready for a new cover, Pools Patios and Porches can help you make it easy by giving a FREE estimate at your home!  We carry Merlin Industries spa covers.  There are over 10 different colors to choose from, and Merlin offers four scaling grades of quality covers.

  • Economy – Quality but affordable, the economy cover is available in Russet Brown, features a 1lb foam core and a 2 mil vapor wrap.  The Economy cover has a 1 year limited warranty
  • Standard – The Standard quality cover beefs up the economy by adding a 2lb foam core and is available in all colors.  It features a 2-year limited warranty and meets or exceeds all A.S.T.M safety standards.
  • Deluxe – The Deluxe takes all the features of the standard cover and adds a 6 mil vapor wrap and fiberglass reinforced strapping on 1” centers. Also available in all colors, the Deluxe cover features a 3 year limited warranty and meets or exceeds all A.S.T.M standards.
  • Ultra – As tough as it gets the Ultra cover is fiberglass reinforced and is made for heavy snow loads or larger spas.  Featuring a 5 year limited warranty; the Deluxe cover meets or exceeds all A.S.T.M safety standards.
  • Thermo Light – For larger or free form in-ground spas where regular spa covers can be too heavy or cannot be installed, Thermo-Light spa covers will keep the heat in and the debris out.