Spa Chemicals

Pools Patios and Porches are proud to offer a full line of Hot Tub Chemicals at our Frederick store year round, and at our Smithsburg store from March to October.  Just like for pools, we offer free water testing and sample bottle.  Stop in any time to get your professional analysis.

There are three basic sanitizing systems available:
Chlorine, Bromine & Biquanides (Chlorine Free)

Bather load in a hot tub is much higher then in a pool due to the low amount of water in the tub.  This leads to higher amounts of bacteria so keeping a good level of active sanitizer is crucial to maintaining the hot tub.

Clarifiers, metal removers, de-foamers and balancers are something that every hot tub owner needs at some point, and we can make sure you get the right chemical every time.

Leisure Time Spa ChemicalsLeisure Time® Spa

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time® has been the premier name in spa water care. The Leisure Time® brand continually improves its product line, program and packaging that elegantly wraps up years of innovation. Plus, Leisure Time® spa offers its Simple Spa Care® program, an easy-to-follow spa care routine that allows spa owners to spend more time in their spas and less time maintaining them.


BaquaSpa® – We are proud to partner with Lonza to offer the best spa products.

Baqua SpaBAQUA Spa® System

With the chlorine-free, bromine-free BAQUA Spa® System you can take care of your hot tub in three easy steps:

1 – Prevent with BAQUA Spa® Waterline Control.
2 – Clarify with BAQUA Spa® Oxidizer.
3 – Sanitize with BAQUA Spa® Sanitizer with Stain & Scale Control.

Talk with your authorized BAQUA Spa® dealer. They are trained to recommend the best system to suit your spa and your lifestyle.